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Become a better job seeker

With a brilliantly-simple interface, integration with Linkedin, Outlook, job boards and more, FreshTransition organizes every aspect of your job search, reminds you of everything you need to do, tells you about new jobs that fit your criteria, and even suggests specific people who might be able to help you.


Accelerate your job search  

One-click tracking makes recording job applications a snap. Want to set targets to accelerate your search? No problem – FreshTransition does that too. Need to find the cover letter you submitted for a particular job three months ago?  FreshTransition’s one-click search will find it instantly.


Get help from experts

FreshTransition’s community of independent career coaches, resume writers, recruiters and other career experts share expertise on career planning, transition, personal branding, resumes and cover letters, networking strategies, social media, LinkedIn and more. Individual support is also available and experts can be contacted directly anytime.


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