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Sharpen Your Job Hunting Weapon – 7 Ways to Set Your Resume Apart

Sharpen your job hunting weapon before you plunge into the battlefield.

Aside from your wit and confidence and other important job hunting factors that you should possess, first and foremost, you need to give your frontline equipment some strict attention — your resume. Your resume is simply your very first job hunting weapon. If you’re not able to catch the eye of the boss, or at least HR personnel, then you’re not going to have the chance regardless of your “pleasing personality” or your credentials.


LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to Increase Interviews

So you have a LinkedIn account with either a handful of colleagues or thousands of new "friends". Focused on finding a new job, you've filled out each profile section, study your daily profile "views", and connect with every received invitation to build a huge professional database. Now what? You need results, INTERviews. Building a virtual Rolodex of strangers ...


Who do you need to know?

Scroll through your social network contact list with the following question in mind: “How many of these people really know me, know what I do, and know what I’m interested in?” It’s a question that puts things in perspective – and it makes us realize that knowing lots of people doesn’t always mean that these people really know you. It’s not size of your network that counts, it’s the quality of the relationships that matters most – and while knowing the right people helps, having the right people know you is what will open the most doors.


“Your Results Depend on Y.O.U.”

A job hunter’s focus is to create interviewing opportunities to quickly get back to work. My mission as a career coach is to recommend proactive, productive, and proven strategies to strengthen your candidacy and shorten your search time. Together, we fine tune your search activities to get you hired.

Many talented candidates automatically and indefinitely blast out resumes to employers and friends, and that’s where their energies end. When they fail to introduce and market themselves directly to hiring managers, how successful can their passive search be in selling their leadership skills? These candidates are baffled that interviews aren’t pouring in.

Are you one of these highly motivated, talented job seekers eager to find a great opportunity but experiencing lackluster results? Job hunting tasks can quickly become a frustrating energy drain when a job offer isn’t in sight. How do you generate great results? Who’s responsible for your getting you hired?


Career services is from Mars and students are from Venus

Getting students engaged is a big challenge that social networks, job boards, and most web-based student-career planning platforms haven’t figured out. While it’s the career networking silver-bullet for professionals, LinkedIn really isn’t the right tool for students – many of whom don’t use it in the first place – either because it’s intimidating, too professional, or not designed for the type of networking that students really need or want to do.
We need to take a step back and recognize that while the world of work has changed dramatically, it’s not the students who need to change – it’s we who need to adapt. Students coming into today’s workforce came into the world with cellphones in-hand, most don’t know a world without Facebook and Twitter, and some are only a handful of years older than the original iPhone. They rarely bother to read instructions that come with anything electronic, and they certainly mastered every Facebook and Twitter feature in less time than it took you to read this post. So why would they want to be taught how to network and how to job search?


Why You Need a Mentor – and Where to Find One

Have you repeatedly found yourself up against the same wall in your career with no way to get over it? Often, the advice of a mentor can help you understand what’s missing in your motivation or skillset to get ahead, he or she can help you avoid missteps that slow your career growth, or just serve as a confirmation that you’re on the right path.


The Value of Your Written LinkedIn Recommendations

Did you know that we can personalize our LinkedIn profile layout by moving most sections up or down our page? This flexible functionality allows us to emphasize and highlight our unique skills, experience, education, and performance accomplishments by placing selected sections higher up on our profile. As a job hunter, business owner, recruiter, or sales professional, this up/down arrow design feature is a powerful way to attract readers’ attention and new opportunities.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Career Change Success

So what’s your Yellow Brick Road? Are you navigating a clear path for your job search? Are you making progress overcoming challenges on Career Transition Road? When Glenda the Good Witch advised Dorothy to “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”, Dorothy had a choice: to listen and move forward into uncharted territory or do nothing. Rather than letting fear of the unknown paralyze her into inaction, Dorothy followed the Munchkins’ chant which encouraged her to move forward. Create the mindset that you’ll overcome obstacles and achieve success by applying four key action steps that Dorothy used to achieve her goal.


No holds barred: Advertise yourself on LinkedIn

In a blog post last month, “Stand out. How conventional thinking kills your job search”, I touched eight strategies that job seekers can use to improve their odds by standing out from the competition in a crowded job market. Then something really interesting happened just last week: A friend, Derek, who is also one of our advisors, used an even more unconventional tactic, and in doing so he accomplished virtually all of the eight strategies in just one swoop! He took out an ad on LinkedIn and advertised himself for hire. Here’s how he did it.


Are you creepy when you connect on LinkedIn?

Imagine a stranger cutting through the crowd at an event—a networking happy hour or hey, even a concert—to say, “I would like to add you to my professional network.” He quietly hands over a resume and walks away, leaving you to guess the nature of his interest. Awkward, right? Downright off-putting. Creepy, even. So why do so many people decide to approach new contacts on LinkedIn this way?

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