Resume Writers’ Insider Tip: Value Proposition

There are plenty of great resources available to help job seekers write their value proposition. Today I’m sharing the strategy I use when I create a value proposition for almost any client. Value propositions are important because you’ll use it in your resume, your networking, and your interviews. It is the answer to the question: “Tell me about yourself?” It is often (if not always) located at the top portion of your resume and outlines why an employer would want to hire you. Here’s a sample:

What you’ll need BEFORE you start crafting your value proposition

  1. A target position
  2. Your target industry
  3. Two-three words that describe you
  4. Action words (verbs) that describe how you’re going to help the company

OK, now that you have answered the questions above, let’s give this a try using an example.

Example 1

  1. Target position: Community Manager
  2. Target industry: Marketing Communications/ New Media
  3. Two-three words that describe you: social, authentic, loyal
  4. Action words (verbs) that describe how you’re going to help the company
    – engage & mobilize target audiences
    – inspire action
    – share stories

Now put it all together and you have the beginning of a value proposition for your target position!

Final Result – Example #1: Authentic and socially savvy community manager crafts and shares business stories that build, engage, and mobilize target audiences.

Want to try another one?
Example 2 

  1. Target position: Vice President of Human Resources
  2. Target industry: Canadian Market Leaders
  3. Two-three words that describe you: Decisive, innovative, forward-thinking and hard-working
  4. Action words (verbs) that describe how you’re going to help the company?
    – direct planning and policy development
    – communicate effectively
    – engage staff

Final Result – Example #2: Decisive and innovative HR leader directs and facilitates organization-wide planning and policy development for Canadian leaders. Eliminates ambiguity and communicates vision while effectively engaging and inspiring staff at all levels.

Remember: your value proposition is all about addressing the wants and needs of the employer. The more you can use words that describe how you meet the employer’s search criteria – the better your chances of being selected as a candidate.

So there you have it – my secret to creating a value proposition. Let me know if you need any help creating yours.

Maureen McCann is an award winning master resume writer and Canadian Career Strategist who provides tailored career advice to C-level executives, managers, and professionals by providing leading edge services to improve your writing, online and interview presence. She has been interviewed as a career expert for the Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun and Chris Lawrence’s syndicated myFM radio show.

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Jeffrey Metzger
June 10th, 2012 on 8:49 am

Maureen…great post! A strong Value Proposition is a key resume differentiator. Job seekers should take your advice and direction to craft an impactful value proposition statement which will immediately place them ahead of the competition.

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